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Breylee Serum™ - the Natural & Organic Facial Serums Series!

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Healthy & Glowing Skin is all you need!

  • Our BREYLEE™ - the Natural & Organic Facial Serums Series aren’t just good for your skin and health, they are also better for the environment.
  • Our BREYLEE™ serums are extremely hydrating skincare products that can help fight dryness and turn your dull and dry skin into a nourished and healthy one.
  • large variants, we have made each one of our serums to reach all your skin problems, you can also combine between two or three serums to meet your needs, whatever is your skin problem, one of our BREYLEE™ Serums is always your best choice.
  • If you have oily skin chances are you are afraid of using an oily serum on your already oily skin. You might think that our serums may make your oily skin even oilier and trigger more acne but we are glad to tell you that it isn’t true. Our BREYLEE™ serums benefit oily skin too and can be incorporated in the daily skin care regimen for the better of skin.
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Benefits Of Natural Skincare Products:

One of the most important benefits of natural skincare products is how eco-friendly they are. It’s no secret that most manufacturing industries produce serious amounts of waste, use tons of water, and harm the environment. These effects continue even after you have used the products since containers go to landfills and chemicals are washed down the drain.

But by using natural skincare products, you are helping protect our planet. By doing this, you are reducing your own waste production and avoiding products that can contain harmful ingredients. Instead, you could be using natural products that don’t hurt the environment.

Traditional skincare products can also cause irritation, allergies, and dermatitis. It is very common to develop an allergic reaction to a product. Long term, you could face uneven skin, pimples, acne, discoloration, and even scars as a result of these reactions.

It is also very likely that your skin will actually look and feel better after switching to natural skincare products. Many of the preservatives and additives that you can find in traditional skincare can dry your skin, which is why natural moisturizers can be much better for you.

Using natural ingredients could also save you some money since they tend to be very affordable.

BREYLEE™ - Retinol Lifting Serum!


 Retinol is a general term for Vitamin A. As fat-soluble alcohol that promotes collagen production, it can increase skin elasticity, smooth and tighten the skin, and remove fine lines. It is a cellular communication component and antioxidant which has the function of regulating the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum.

BREYLEE™ - Vitamin C Serum!


Containing high activity small-molecule Vitamin C, with antioxidant protection, this product can prevent melanin formation. Also with such functions as whitening and brightening the skin color, and removing blemishes and melanin, it can restore skin health, promote skin metabolism, and activate damaged skin cells so as to restore elasticity.



It can effectively solve the problem of hydrating dry, dull skin, restoring elasticity and moisturizing and repairing the skin.



This product contains natural rose essence and adopts a cold-pressing extraction process to keep every drop of flower essence fresh. With the ability to deeply penetrate and nourish the skin so as to keep it energized, this serum can remove dryness, roughness, and fine lines. And its natural active plant agents can induce dead skin to fall off more quickly.

BREYLLE™ - 24K Gold Collagen Serum!


Containing high concentrations active 99.9 gold foild and collagen ingredients, can against multiple fine lines and reduces wrinkles and skin aging very effectively. 99.9 gold foild is an antioxidant ingredient that helps the skin anti-aging. It can rapidly penetrate into the skin and activate the cells. In addition, with an elastic fiber protein, its collagen supports skin elasticity. Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging functions so as to keep the skin vibrant.



This product contains a variety of plant extracts. Its chamomile can deeply repair the skin, effectively condition and smooth damaged skin (including sensitive skin) and acne-prone skin, repair and nourish ruddy or damaged skin, repair skin cells, and enhance the skin's self-repair ability, thus restoring the skin to a healthy state.

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