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The BreathUp™ Advanced Masks Protector™ N95'!

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Live The Healthy Life You Deserve! 

Protect Your Self and People around You!

  • By combining cutting-edge filter technology with timeless European design, Our N95' BreathUp™ Advanced Masks Protector™ offers outstanding performance and comfort to combat harmful particles in the air.

  • Through the breakout of the current worldwide situation, ensuring health and safety in daily life has become a priority for millions of people. Besides the pandemic, our Breathable Advanced Mask™ N95' will protect you from other viruses, bacteria, and air pollutants such as dust and smoke!

  • These Breathable Advanced Brand New Masks™ are Reusable and washable. 

  • Super comfy so that you can wear it for a long period of time without irritation.

  • Made in the US. N95! Premium materials & not available in stores!

  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Safety Mask with Powerful Filtration: Our Breathable Advanced Masks™ is designed for personal safety protection. Its filter could help reduce pollution from the air you breathe. Includes Virus Spread, exhaust Fumes, Dust, Smog, Smoke, Pollen, Mould, spores, and other pollutants. Superior protection: The Advanced Air Filter 2.0 protects from bacteria and pollution that are impossible to see with the naked eyes.
The filter’s innovative, multi-layer protection technology guaranteeing the highest quality and outstanding efficiency. With its lightweight fiber material, the filter adapts to the face and feels soft on the skin, working as an almost invisible layer.
Improving your life quality with a simple step, the Advanced Air Filter 2.0 is an investment that will benefit your health every day. With regular use, the filter can provide prevention of viruses, decreased allergies and healthier lungs.

Standard Size For Comfortability: Made from soft neoprene for ultimate comfort with a fully adjustable nose strap and large Velcro headband. One size will fit everyone.

Re-Usable & Washable & Replaceable: The Breathable Advanced Masks™ shell and valves can be washed when they get dirty, the N99 filter is replaceable

Multifunctional: Perfect for all outdoor and indoor sports, such as running, walking, cycling, motorcycling, moto-X, skiing, paintball, lawn mowing, on public transport and other activities.

Premium material: This dust face mask is the construction nylon design mesh, which is breathable and quick-drying. It also has perfect permeability. The soft material would make your face feel comfortable. Suitable for all seasons.

How to use:

1. Place the dust mask between the nose and chin.
2. The back of the mask can be fixed with velcro.
3. Check if it is appropriate: cover your face with your hands, then breathe hard and feel if there is airflow.
4. Make sure you are comfortable after wearing this mask by adjusting the back of the velcro.

Change The Filter Method


  • PM 0.3-10, dust and other air pollutants
  • Pollen and other allergens
  • Bacteria and other germs
  • Wildfire smoke & cigarettes
  • UPF 50+ protection


  • 1 x The Breathable Advanced Brand New Masks™.

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